The World Is Ending, I’m Back on Twitter!

It still is, but here I am again.

Although I said I’d never be on Twitter again, it turns out that there are a couple of really cool people who only post regularly via Twitter that I want to follow, so, with a lot of trepidation, I signed up for another account.  It’s unfortunate that my old user name is now taken, so I get to be Bitchspot1.  I will be posting updates from here and, as time goes on, I might get more active, I’m just going to take it slow for now.

As I’ve said before, my primary objection to Twitter in the past was the inability to engage in intelligent debate in 140 characters at a time.  Yes, I know it’s not set up that way but that tends to be what I do in every format I engage in.  It was also the absurd spam, the lack of quality content, and the fact that I felt I had to watch it constantly, just in case I missed that one rare gem that scrolls by.

This time, I’m not going to do that.  Yes, I might engage in some debate, should some worthy soul appear.  I might… no, I will absolutely post short news items that don’t otherwise warrant a post.  Who knows, maybe this time I won’t get tired of it like I did last time, where the only thing I ever did on it was post an announcement of new posts.

I guess only time will tell.

6 thoughts on “The World Is Ending, I’m Back on Twitter!”

  1. I just recently joined Twitter myself. I will admit it is a bit addicting….I think I need a government check because of my Internet disability. 🙂

    Yep, as well, am following you.

    1. I jumped in and followed you as well. Honestly, I never really found Twitter all that addicting, it was a matter of separating the wheat from the chaff was more of a chore than seemed worthwhile. When it was good, it was great. When it was bad, it was awful. It just happened to be bad more often than it was good, at least during the 6-8 months I used it before. But… jumping in again, let's hope Twitter has matured a bit since then.

      1. An entertaining slug-fest in the past few days between the (what are known as on Twitter) #FTBullies, #AtheismPlus crowd who are trying to ruin a guys life and others (like me) that support him.

        1. Eh, that's the kind of thing I'm trying to avoid. I have no love whatsoever for Atheism+ idiots but I really have no interest in mindless whine-fests either. I'd prefer some intelligence in my debates, which yeah, I know, I usually debate theists, but rolling my eyes at people who want to attack me for falling outside of their little club, no thanks.

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