That About Sums Up Obamacare

I have never been in support of Obamacare, not because I’m opposed to some of the things that it proposes to do, but because of all of the plain and obvious problems with how they want to do it. Once again, it’ll be taxing the people to give freebies to the poor, who don’t pay a damn penny.  It’s gun-to-your-head socialist nonsense that I can’t even opt out of.  This isn’t about providing quality healthcare, it’s about wealth distribution, pure and simple.  It’s one of the reasons I cannot bring myself to vote for Obama again in this election, no matter how awful the opposition happens to be.  This is something we might consider in the best of financial situations, but there is no way in hell we can afford anything like this in the current financial crisis.  Of course, Obama doesn’t care about fiscal realities, he just wants a legacy and a socialist dreamland.  It’s a disaster he’s dropping on America that we now have to find some way to pay for.

Here’s pretty much everything wrong with it in a nutshell.

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  1. Obamacare is not perfect by any stretch, but what is the republican alternative? Just repeal obamacare and put things back where they were? The old system was garbage and needed serious reform. Does the new system need to be changed too? I'm sure it does. It's a hard problem that needs fixing, simply undoing this and starting over seems like a terrible move, especially since they don't seem to have an alternative way to fix things from what they were.

    All I ever hear is "obamacare sucks" and it is never followed up with "and what we need to put in it's place is…". Without the second part I find the first part worthless.
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    1. Just because there isn't a current alternative doesn't mean you put a deeply flawed, unfinanced plan that is guaranteed to bankrupt the country in place. I will agree, the old system needs serious reform but this simply will not be that reform. This will entirely destroy the medical care system in the United States.

      The problem, as with most other major problems, is that the politicians we put in charge of fixing the problem get campaign funding from the groups they really need to be fixing. Insurance companies spend millions upon millions of dollars buying loyalty from the politicians who are then not going to turn around and hurt their benefactor's bottom lone.

      This is the problem and it is a problem that needs to be addressed. However you don't do something, especially something disastrous, just because you want to feel like you did something. You wait until you can do the right thing.

      This isn't it.

      1. You are definitely right that just doing something is not necessarily going to be better than doing nothing. But doing nothing was definitely a problem. The old system was heading toward disaster, simply going back to that is hardly a solution.

        I guess the way I see it is the dems want to stick with obamacare, which has serious problems. The republicans want to go back to the way it was, which has serious problems. So is this a good issue to base your vote on? Neither side has an acceptable solution. They should be working on improving things, finding problems and trying to solve them. Nobody seems to do that. Nobody has a plan that will actually solve the problems. And they don't seem to want to work together at all, they don't want to find common ground and build off of it, they just want to fight and deny each other political victories. Both parties do this, but from what I can see, the republicans seem worse. Why support them for being obstructionist?

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        1. This isn't a matter of "pick a party", it's common sense. Obamacare, which you acknowledge is the wrong solution, requires setting up a horrifically expensive government bureaucracy that we absolutely cannot afford, it forces American citizens to purchase a product whether they want it or not, at threat of fine, something that is clearly outside of government mandate, it is a system which already acknowledges it is not fiscally self-sufficient, we have to pay for it for 4 years without getting any benefit from it… the list goes on and on. While the current system isn't perfect by any means, it doesn't suffer from any of those problems. As I said before, doing something just for the sake of doing something is foolish. Forcing a system on the American people that costs billions to implement and will cost even more billions to get rid of when we realize it doesn't work and isn't viable, is a bad idea.

          There is a solution out there somewhere, this isn't it and it's a waste of time and money having to put it in place, then remove it.

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