Through the Window: Slow Times

Looked great before the scraper…

Just wanted to post a quick note, I know things have been a bit slower here lately, I just haven’t had as much time to put into new posts, even though I’ve been managing to get one out daily, that’s because of the massive backlog I’ve had piling up.  I have felt, over the past week, that the quality of posts just hasn’t been up to snuff, due to time constraints.

What happened is, two weekends ago, we were working around the house, I was washing windows outside and realized that a lot of the glazing around the glass was failing and coming off.  I guess that’s not a surprise, the house was built in 1926 and it’s all original windows.  The front of the house, which faces east, gets the most direct sunlight and that bakes those windows.  I haven’t personally re-glazed in the 13 years we’ve lived here (13 years on Monday, in fact) and the windows need to be repainted anyhow, plus there are a couple of windows with cracked glass that I ought to just replace.  Yay, expensive restoration glass!  So I’ve been spending every free moment scraping and sanding and glazing windows, which means essentially no time to spend here.

What’s worse, I’m finding that the people who lived here before us did try to do some repair work.  I stress “try”.  They did a particularly bad job of it.  While I was stripping paint, I found that they had covered over an area of rotted wood with window putty so I was pulling a bunch of loose paint and a giant glob of goop came off in my hand.  Now I have to deal with that too.

Isn’t life fun?

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