Christians Aren’t Better, Except By Degree

Hammers and artwork don’t mix.

With all the hoo-hah lately about Muslim violence whenever they get offended, we often forget that Christians often have the same sort of reaction to anything that offends them and can be just as violent as Muslims when they get the chance.

Case in point, remember the controvertial 1987 art piece by Andres Serano that depicted a plastic crucifix in a jar of the artist’s own urine?  Christians, particularly Catholics, were pissed off at that and even though many tried to damage the piece or threaten the artist, it still exists today, and surprisingly enough, is still being displayed.

And they’re still trying to stop it.  In fact, at an exhibition in Avignon in southern France, Catholic activists, on July 19, 2012, managed to damage the exhibit, as shown to the left, by hitting it with a hammer.  Of course, there are ten copies of the piece today, so while the attack in France destroyed that particular copy, there are others.

Thanks for the publicity!

I’m sure we all remember the Last Temptation of Christ debacle from years back as well, where pissed off Catholics took to the street, giving so much publicity to the film that it did much, much better in the box office than it would ever have done so otherwise.  They’re still upset that films like that exist at all.  How dare anyone make something even remotely critical of their absurd beliefs!

The point is that, even though most modern western religions have been moderated by the secular cultures in which they exist, there’s still a seething anger just beneath the surface.  Given half a chance, Christians are just as prone to irrational violence as Muslims are.  The only difference is that of degree.  Most crazy Christians realize that the society they live in will not tolerate them raping, pillaging and murdering the opposition, therefore they avoid doing so in all but the most extreme cases.  Muslims in the Middle East don’t have that influence, therefore they run wild in the streets.  It is interesting to note that Muslims in the U.S. act just like Christians in the U.S., there are virtually no incidents of Muslim violence, public fatwas or religious executions.

While I agree that we need to be very hard on Islam to force compliance with secular social rules, we can’t forget that we have as much religious hatred in the powderkeg called Christianity, resting right under our noses, and that if we focus too heavily on the bad actions of one religion, the bad actions of another may very well slip through.

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