No Means No: Stamp Edition

Yes, I collect stamps and yes, this is a rant.  I used to have a couple of companies send me stamps on approval.  Yes, I know I’m paying a healthy premium for that but I can afford it.  It was always fun to see what came in the mail, sorting out what I already had from what I needed and deciding what to purchase.  I did my best to advise them on what areas I needed the most help in, to maximize the purchases I might make.

However, there came a time with my U.S. collection where virtually every approval packet that came was sent back intact, there were so few things I needed and the things I had to get were so expensive, they weren’t going to send those through the mail.  So I told all of them, thank you for all the approvals, but please stop sending them.  Most listened.

One didn’t.  After a couple of months, they sent me a packet out of the blue that said “please reconsider!”  I don’t need to reconsider, I already made a decision, I told them to stop sending and they ignored me.  My immediate reaction was to just throw it all back in their post-paid envelope and send it back, probably with a nasty note.  Then, I swung the other direction.  I didn’t ask for this and as such, I have no obligation to send it back.  I could send a note back thanking them for the gift and tell them to respect people’s wishes in the future.

Then I looked at the stamps they sent.  Oh brother, what a load of crap!  The majority of them are pointless, useless and virtually worthless stamps.  Most catalog far below their asking price and I can go anywhere and buy stamps for maybe 25-30% of catalog all day long.  The prices on the picture above represent the 30% catalog norm.  They expect .75 for each one I keep, but the majority of them are worth a few pennies at best.  The worst part, a huge portion of the stamps are horribly damaged, with bad staining, tears, etc.  Not one single stamp is actually in mint-never-hinged condition, at best, they’re hinged, the majority are lacking gum entirely, like they soaked them off of mail that didn’t get properly cancelled.  I’m sorry, but you not only do you ignore my specific wishes, then you send me a bag of shit and hope that’s going to change my mind?  “Why don’t you look at this absurdly over-priced, ridiculously low-quality, damaged merchandise and tell us you want to keep doing business with us!”

So congratulations, Jamestown Stamp Company, you’ve gone from having a satisfied former customer who would have given you good reviews to any other collectors who may have asked for recommendations, to a pissed off, never-to-buy-from-you-again ex-customer who will now tell everyone how crappy your company really is.

2 thoughts on “No Means No: Stamp Edition”

  1. Jamestown Stamp Company is terrible. They prey upon the ignorance of beginning collectors and charge huge prices. They also ignore you when you tell them to stop sending you things, just as you have stated in this post.

    1. They've sent me even more, I just round-file it. I have no obligation to return it, they're just wasting their money and I'll continue to throw away anything they send.

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