Misrepresentation By The Religious

Lying is bad unless you’re lying for the Lord.

Have you ever noticed how badly the religious tend to misrepresent the opposition in order to score “brownie points”?  Creationists lie about evolution, theists lie about atheism and philosophy.

And you know something?  They all *KNOW* they’re lying!  It’s not like they’re just ignorant and don’t know any better, they’ve been corrected many times before and they still spout the same old, tired lies over and over again.  It’s just not possible for them not to know they’re lying, they just don’t  care.

So why do they lie?  Because they can.  “Thou Shalt Not Lie Through Your Teeth” appears nowhere in the 10 commandments, about the closest they get is the part about bearing false witness against their neighbor.  But hey, that’s the Old Testament, they can safely ignore that.  In the eyes of most Christian apologists, the end justifies the means.  If they can “save souls”, what difference does it make if most of those “souls saved” were done through deception or force?  They want to fill heaven, not be honest.

It brings us back to what I’ve said many, many times before. Religion isn’t about believing something that is true, but in having an emotional security blanket regardless of whether or not it’s true.  They have to attack the “opposition” because it’s the only way to remain secure in their own minds that the ridiculous drivel they’ve embraced has any validity.  They can’t defend themselves, they have to attack others and faced with no valid avenue of attack, they simply make one up.

Case in point, in a recent debate, I had a Christian insist that the Bible was “generally historically accurate” and therefore, we could trust what it said about the existence of God.  I questioned this, pointing out that there were only two areas in the Bible which contained supernatural claims which were open to any kind of rational evaluation: the creation story and the flood.  He immediately said those were both accurate, which I shredded in short order.  The stories in the Bible, as written, are simply not true.  The creation story is just a myth, it cannot possibly have been true, it describes things entirely out of order and the two creation stories listed, Genesis 1:1-2:7/2:8ff, disagree with each other on important details.  The flood could never have happened either, it describes elements which are physically impossible.  Once faced with these facts and realizing I knew all about the weaknesses of his text, he turned to his next falsehood.

“Those are just interpretations by primitive man who just didn’t know any better and was writing things the best way he knew how!  God doesn’t make mistakes, the authors could have made errors though!”  So now, the creation story is something supernatural filtered through faulty human eyes and the flood story is just a local flood.  Never mind that both stories then become pointless, but worse, it means that the very existence of God could be nothing more than a mistake made by ignorant, primitive humans who interpreted things incorrectly and thought there was a God!

But no, he didn’t want to hear that and immediately made his expected insults and fled the discussion.

Lying for the Lord is far more common than most people think, even if it is little white lies.  Being dishonest in an attempt to make a point or win a debate is absurd.  Reality is what reality is.  Whoever perpetrated the Piltdown hoax was still lying, no matter how some people try to spin the act into “they were just trying to make haughty scientists look bad!”  It failed, it only made the perpetrator look bad.  Science, even though it took decades to prove it conclusively, eventually won out.

That’s really what should matter to people, getting at the truth and discovering the facts about reality.  Unfortunately, there are far too many people who would rather feel good about lies than face the possibility of an uncomfortable truth.  I don’t know how to express how absolutely pathetic that is.

But I’ll keep trying.

4 thoughts on “Misrepresentation By The Religious”

  1. I agree with you completely on this Cephus. That is why I consider "professional" apologists, like William Lane Craig, for example, to be among the most dishonest people out there. They know damn well that they are full of shit, but need to make a living, so they keep on regurgitating and re-canning the same old tired arguments.

    I do put the average Christian in a different category, for a while at least. Take your friend, I too have had similar conversations and they end the same way. In those cases, at least in my experience, those people are often hearing a balanced and logical critique of their faith for the first time. They need time to process that. I know that I surely did. However, after several conversations, by patience often wears out and then they get lumped into the "Craig Category".
    My recent post Facts…Who Needs Them?

    1. The problem is, I\’m reasonably sure this isn\’t these apologist\’s first rodeo, even if their only exposure to apologetics is by reading people like Craig. There\’s another debate that I\’m going to write up where the theist claims that the universe is perfect in every way because God made it and God cannot make imperfection. Anything that \”seems\” flawed really cannot be, God must have a plan for making it that way. Imperfection simply cannot exist under any circumstances.

      There\’s no way these people can be that dumb.

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