I got into a debate with a self-defined liberal who claimed that *EVERYONE* had taken some kind of government handout and therefore, nobody had any room criticizing those who are on welfare or have their hand out for a government check.  So heck, I’ll play along, I said I have never gotten a free check from the government.  He started naming off some things like welfare, AFDC, government cheese, Pell grants, etc.  Nope, never touched a single one of them.  I’ve always been self-sufficient.  The list of things that I might have taken kept getting longer and longer, electric vehicle tax credits, free government cable TV or cell phones, cash for clunkers, etc.  My response was still no.

So what does he hit me with?  Have I ever accepted a tax refund from the government?!?!?!  I have?  I’m now on the government dole!

The stupidity of some liberals is just unbelievable.  Getting money the government had no business taking in the first place back is now an example of government largesse.

It really is surprising how much liberals view the government as the supplier of everything.  They steal our money, then once a year, they give back the money they shouldn’t have gotten to begin with and liberals think it’s a handout.  In fact, accepting your own money back is now welfare of some sort.

There’s a difference between taking a check and doing nothing to earn it and getting something out of the government for which they expect you to work.  Another example he tried to use was the first-time homebuyer credit and mortgage tax credits.  Both of those are incentives by the government to perform an action, in this case buying a house, for which they will make even more money.  Once you buy a house, you start paying property taxes, you start paying more sales taxes in the area that you now live, your purchase helps to raise property values in the area, which translates to even more tax revenue for the city.  Yes, these programs are typically federal in nature, but who do you think elects these representatives?  The cities who will be benefiting from these programs!  This isn’t anything more than scratching each other’s back.

Then they tried claiming that programs like unemployment, social security and medicare are also government handouts.  Sorry, no.  They are paid for, in advance, by the recipient.  You get unemployment because you and your employer paid toward it out of every check.  Social security and medicare costs you money every two weeks.  In most cases, you never get back what you’ve paid into the system, the government simply keeps the rest.  Where liberals think the government is being magnanimous and giving you these things for free is beyond me.

These liberals want the government to be in charge of everything, for everyone to be dependent on the government for all of their money and their livelihood.  Obama wants us to think that business owners didn’t really build their own businesses, the government was really responsible.  Well guess what?  Those business owners paid their taxes, therefore the roads, which were funded from that tax money, belong in part to the business owners.  The electrical grids, which were funded by tax money, belong in part to the business owners.  In fact, every aspect that Obama wants to claim is a public resource was paid for by, you guessed it, tax money!  So fuck Obama, these people did build their own businesses, using resources that we all collectively paid for!

I’d love to see a liberal actually prove that these business owners used things that were funded by only the government, since the government has no money whatsoever without the taxpayer.  Everything in this nation belongs to the people, not to the government!  Everything, every government building, every public park, every inch of road, we own all of it!  It’s not a government handout, I and every other American taxpayer had that money forcibly pulled out of our paychecks and put into those things.

If I carried cash, I’d pull out my wallet and give you $5.  Oh wait, the government printed that money, it must belong to them!  All hail, federal government, whatever would we do without you?

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