What Do You See?

We’re all used to claims of apparitions of Jesus or the Virgin Mary showing up in some really stupid places.  On toastIn moldOn turtles. On bananasIn basements.  Or in tandem on tortillas.

So what do you make of this one?  Brandon Tudor was driving down the road outside of Chicago one day when a bird took a dump on his car.  That’s nothing too surprising, but this time, he claims it’s a spitting image… well, a shitting image of Michael Jackson!

This is more evidence of pareidolia, the human mental ability to find patterns where they simply do not exist.  It’s the same thing that happens when you look up at the clouds and see faces.  They’re not real, your brain is simply interpolating meaning into images where there isn’t any.

And of course, it went on eBay for a starting bid of $500.  Yes, half-a-thousand dollars for a pile of bird crap.  Well, you get the windshield it splattered onto in the deal so I guess it’s not that bad.  Luckily though, absolutely nobody was interested and it went down like a stinking pile of poop.

Then again, you could be trying to sell this for $50,000.  Wonder if Jesus is more popular than Jacko?  Nah, it’ll go down in defeat just like Jacko did, proving that while there are some really stupid people out there who will buy anything, bird crap is just a bit too much.

4 thoughts on “What Do You See?”

    1. I don't think stunning is the word for it. Disturbing. Disgusting. Horrifying. I mean, someone paid over $20k for Jesus on toast, how idiotic are these people? Then I look at this non-religious stuff and recoil. The stupid is spreading!

      At least nobody is buying.

    1. He'd have to prove they were supernatural first, or at least defend that such a thing as the supernatural exists, something that Stan, I'm sure, hasn't even tried to do. Since there's no evidence that there ever were any actual apparitions to begin with, there's no reason anyone needs to prove them false.

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