The “Stupid People Are Stupid” Argument

I get sick and tired of people saying “leave the religious alone, they’re stupid, you can’t stop them from being stupid.”  Well, okay, I can’t hold a gun to their head and make them stop being idiots, the fact is that most of them are just ignorant and uninformed, they don’t know any better and have never been trained to think critically about anything, especially religion.

This is an argument that I see used by accomodationists all the time.  How dare we pick on the clueless theists?  They’re too stupid to know any better!  Leave them alone to revel in their ignorance!  How dare you try to educate them!  Seriously, this is an argument?  Don’t try to help people be better?

Sorry, I refuse to play that game.  While I understand that the chances of actually making one of these religious numb-nuts more rational is somewhere between slim and none, that’s not going to stop me from trying.  Who knows, maybe if you kick them in the head enough times, you might jostle a couple of brain cells into sparking.  Even if that’s not the case, maybe it’ll get some of the onlookers to start thinking critically about the theist’s position.  If all else fails, even if the theist is a completely lost cause and the audience is just as dim-witted, then fucking with a moron for a little bit has some entertainment value.  Getting a chuckle out of a clueless dim-bulb brings a smile to an otherwise dreary day, I heartily endorse it.

Further, even if nobody else does, I actually care what is true and what is not and even if they refuse to acknowledge it, I am absolutely going to push fact and objective reality in any debate, even if it comes to naught in the end.  The idea that we shouldn’t seek to educate the uneducated or inform the ignorant is absurd.  Should we not bother putting our kids in school because they don’t already know what we seek to teach them and they’d be much happier not having to sit in a classroom for 8 hours a day?  What good is information if we’re afraid to pass it on?

Stupidity is a disease, education is the cure.  Stupidity isn’t something to be valued, it isn’t something to be admired, it’s something to be hated and those who embrace it should be ashamed to remain that way.  Stupid people are only stupid because no one has made it their mission to teach them what they don’t know.

It ought to be the job of every single intelligent, rational person on the planet to seek to teach someone that is stupid and irrational how to better deal with reality.  Maybe then, we wouldn’t have so many stupid people around.

4 thoughts on “The “Stupid People Are Stupid” Argument

  1. Hello, I have been an Agnostic Atheist for 68 or my 77 years and a Atheist Activist for over 50 years, interfaced with many Athiests and been a member of various Atheists groups.

    In fact I am a dues paying member if four of them now. So I have more that a clue about both religious people and Atheists.

    1. Anyone who says that religious people are Stupid IS the Stupid one!

    2, MOST Americans who are NOW Atheists, WERE once Religious!

    2. MANY Americans who are Atheists are AFRAID to make it public knowledge. Some are even so afraid of the negative response they would get if they told their own family and friends how they no longer believed in the childish myths, they do not tell them.

    3. Religious people were were just PROGRAMMED

    as Babies, Children and Teenagers to believe in the religion and in the number of gods those who raised them believed in.

    4, Please Remember that SOMETHING caused the MULTI-MILLIONS of FORMER “believers” to begin their journey from BELIEF, to NON-BELIEF and we NEVER Know if something WE say, write or do may cause other “Believers” to start, or to continue their trip from Religious Belief to one of Non-Belief.

    5. And you NEVER Know, what is going to start them on the road, why not try what ever you want to. Of course, if you find it is not working, you may try other things or ask those like me.

    6. Most Religious people ARE, like it or not, are just as LOGICAL, RATIONAL & INTELLIGENT as most Athiests are AS LONG as they are NOT thinking, writing or talking about anything to do with THEIR Religion.

    7. Nearly ALL religious people will REFUSE to Learn and/or WILL DENY ANY FACTS which may prove their religious beliefs are wrong. And

    they do this because they were INDOCTRINATED (programmed) to do so.

    8. My extensive experience as an Atheist Activist and Knowing MANY Aheists, like it or not, MOST Atheists ARE NOT LOGICAL, RATIONAL & INTELLIGENT when they are thinking, writing or talking about any Subject OTHER than the existence of one or more gods and Religion.


    9. Very Sadly MOST Atheists are just as apt to REFUSE to Learn and/or DENY ANY FACTS which may prove their Beliefs are wrong.


    Yet UNLIKE the Religious people who have a ligitimate reason to refuse to learn, and/or

    Deny Facts, they have NO Valid Excuse for acting STUPID as they were NOT INDOCTRINATED (programmed) to do so.




    Neil C. Reinhardt

    1. First off, welcome Neil!

      Let's address your points one by one. You used #2 twice, therefore I'm renumbering properly, just to avoid any confusion.

      1. You've done nothing to justify this claim so I'm really not sure what to say regarding it. Pointing out stupidity and ignorance is not, in itself, stupidity or ignorance.

      2. Yes, most atheists, including myself, were once theists. Then we got better. I know that I, for one, was once ignorant, I didn't know how poorly supported Christianity was and it was only after I learned more and erased my ignorance that I rejected religion as wholly unjustified.

      3. Certainly there are atheists who face loss of family, loss of jobs, even death if they openly admit to their atheism. Luckily, this is not nearly as common today as it once was and it is improving all the time. There will probably come a time in the near future, at least in advanced countries, where admitting one is an atheist is no worse than admitting one is gay.

      4. Most, but certainly not all people were indoctrinated as children when they had few critical faculties and we certainly don't get angry at children for being ignorant or obeying their parents. Once they become adults, however, that's a different story. We ought to no more accept an adult believing in an imaginary friend in the sky than we ought to accept them believing in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. There is a time and place for childish beliefs, many children grow up having imaginary friends (other than God), but we expect them to reject such things once they have matured a little. The problem is, most people never mature enough to give up God beliefs.

      5. There are quite a few things that cause people to reject religion over time, I know I've posted my story here, most blogging atheists have done so at some point in time. Some of these triggers are rational, some of them are not.

      6. No, you don't know, that's why it's important to keep hitting the religious with different ideas and concept and continually challenge their beliefs and point out where they are factually wrong. You don't know what will stick, but eventually, if they're ever going to shed their delusions, something will.

      7. That's wholly irrelevant. An individual who is only rational regarding things for which they don't have faith is still irrational when discussing faith. There are a lot of smart people out there who are religious, although studies have conclusively proven that as education and IQ rise, religiousity tends to fall. That's why the overwhelming majority of most scientific organizations are atheists. That's why the majority of people belonging to intellectual organizations like MENSA are atheists.

      8. That's very true in most cases, not because they are indoctrinated necessarily, but because they have formed a strong emotional bond to their beliefs. Instead of accepting reality as it is, they've constructed a fantasy world around their religious faith to which they've attached emotional significance. It isn't as simple as just throwing away faulty beliefs, even if they are aware that they are faulty, it's throwing away an entire worldview. Many people are not willing to do that, even if they know for an undeniable fact that what they believe simply isn't true.

      9. Likewise, just because someone is an atheist has no bearing whatsoever on anything else they do in their lives. Atheism is a lack of belief in god(s), it says nothing about being skeptical, rational, critical, etc. Not all atheists are skeptics, but pretty much by definition, all skeptics are atheists.

      10. You can only discuss atheists as individuals, not as a group. As I said, being an atheist doesn't necessarily make one a skeptic so your point is largely irrelevant.

      All of this having been said, did you have a point to make?

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