Who Has Time?

Got another e-mail today asking me how they could follow me on Twitter.  I had to explain that I don’t do Twitter, nor do I have a Facebook page, nor Google+, nor do I do any other form of social media.

Seriously, who has time for all of that?  I barely have time to put out a single post every day, sometimes I can’t even do that!  I really don’t know how people have enough time in their day to maintain a dozen or more points of contact in cyberspace.  How is one supposed to balance a more-than-full-time job, a family, a house and other interests with pounding out meaningful content on a keyboard in a pile of different locations every single day?

Yet I see lots of other blogs doing it.  They’re on Twitter, they’re on Facebook, they’ve got YouTube channels and Google+ accounts and podcasts.  They closely track their SEO and respond to every comment.  They track everything anyone posts on Reddit.

Don’t you people have lives?  I’m not trying to be insulting, I just don’t see how I can spend any more time than I’m already spending already.  It’s not like these things take care of themselves.  I’ve tried some of these things before.  I had a Twitter account for about 6 months a while back, before I decided it just wasn’t worthwhile.  It took up a ton of time.  I had lots of followers, but you have to continually put out content if you want anyone to stick with you.  It was taking hours every day and every time the damn thing went *BEEP*, you had to go look what someone said.

So no, I’m sorry, I just don’t have time to maintain a whole network of social interaction with everyone here.  I love my readers, I value their input, I adore that people take time to visit my tiny corner of the Intertubes, but I’ve already got a full-time job, I don’t have time for another one.

4 thoughts on “Who Has Time?

  1. I'm reasonably active on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook (less so than the others). I'd bet that my average daily time investment is less than 30 minutes. While I could certainly be far more active than I am, some is better than none when it comes to traffic. One can maintain a presence without giving up too much time.

    1. Which is fine, except for the fact that honestly, I don't much care about traffic. I get people finding me and sticking around and that's fine, but I pointedly refuse to do anything which demands a high traffic throughput to make money or anything of the like. I refuse to install Google AdSense or anything like that because this isn't about making a buck, it's about having a place to post my views.

      To be honest, there are a lot of days when I can't spare 30 minutes out of my day and there are others where I might have a couple of hours, like I did last night, to sit around and write half-a-dozen articles for the next week.

  2. Well, it all matters why a person blogs. If you're doing it primarily for your own enjoyment, do what you're doing now.

    Me? Yeah, I'm on Fb, Google+, Twitter, etc, but I have a lifestyle that allows me to do so: a very constricted work schedule (I work 2 days a week and get 40 hours in), inlaws who watch the kids every once in a while, a wife who understands my particular passion. Having an autistic-like focus on comedy, atheism, blogging, and fiction writing helps. There are time saving ways of being on all those platforms that don't suck up an incredible amount of time

    1. My reasons are already detailed up in the header bar, but honestly, my work schedule has me working 60-70 hours a week most weeks, 5-6 days a week and on my few days off, I have a ton to do around the house so that I just don't have much time to sit in front of a keyboard and interact. Usually, I get about 45 minutes in the morning before I leave and an hour or so, spread out through the evening, at night. In that, I have to read e-mail, check a dozen or so blogs and forums, come up with something to write here, engage in a debate or two at all times, etc. It's just not much time and I don't know that spending time trying to get more people through the doors here, just for the sake of being heard, is all that valuable.

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