Ancient Alien Gods

In the vein of “what happened to history on the History Channel”, they have a show called Ancient Aliens.  It’s not like History Channel has many serious history shows anymore, it’s Pawn Stars and Ice Road Truckers, but when you get down to pure pseudo-science, you’ve entirely left the reservation and Ancient Aliens is just as idiotic as they come.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep so I sat in front of the TV for a couple of hours watching a run of these stupid shows.  As much as I could write an entire slew of posts about how ridiculous this show really is, something struck me about the way they talk on the show.

These people sound just like Christians.

Seriously, if you’ve spent any time talking to theists, you’ll hear almost the exact same types of arguments that you get from the crazy alien nuts.  It applies to all the shows that I’ve seen, but most especially, I saw it in their Bigfoot show, where they tried to explain that Bigfoot is actually an alien, or an alien hybrid.  How do they know this?  Faith!  Honestly, here’s the method they use.

  1. Sometimes, there are Bigfoot sightings in the same general area and at the same general time as UFO sightings.
  2. Some UFO researchers believe Bigfoot is an alien.
  3. Therefore Bigfoot is an alien…

Just because some people, who have no evidence whatsoever that their beliefs are true, have faith that something is so, they treat it like it must be so.  As long as they can sneak their “and some experts believe that…” into the formula, they can declare anything they want to true and factual.  They think that aliens excavated thousands of miles of tunnels in the Pacific Northwest for Sasquatch to live in.  In fact, they think that any creature described in any ancient book must be a Bigfoot, which just proves that there are Bigfoots?  Bigfooti?  Bigfeet?  around today.

But isn’t that exactly what we see from theists?  They believe it, therefore they’re going to operate as though it’s factually true even if they’ve produced no evidence that it actually is.  I’m sure that if you’d get any of these loons in a debate, from Erich von Daniken and Giorgio Tsoukalos, you’d get the same responses we see out of theists too.

And yes, before you ask, they actually think that the gods existed, they were just extraterrestrials:

It’s sad how far the mighty have fallen.

4 thoughts on “Ancient Alien Gods

  1. The History Channel has been "off the deep end" for quite some time. I hardly ever watch it any more. The Science Channel is often much more to my liking.

    Your tying the alien and bigfoot believers in together with Christians is spot on. That is one reason why I liked Carl Sagan's "Demon Haunted World" so much. It is the same type of credulity that allows all of this pseudoscience and religions to continue. People would rather believe nonsense than do the hard work of skeptical thinking.

    1. Granted, back when History was actually about History, it was the WWII channel, but still, what it's turned into is absurd. Even Science is slipping seriously. And remember when TLC used to be The Learning Channel instead of the Reality TV Show Channel?

      The reason I keep pointing out how similar religion is to all the wingnut conspiracy theorist nonsense is I'm hoping that eventually, the theists are going to recognize "oh shit, those people are insane!" Unfortunately, what usually happens is "oh shit, those people are insane, luckily, my beliefs are true!"

      It's sad, really.

  2. Eric Von Daniken was found to have falsified evidence to support his assertion that ancient aliens visited the earth. So anything associated with him is the product of a proven fraudster.

    These guys say "What if…?" and people take for evidence. Stupid and just like the freaky religious.

    1. I was actually pointing that out to someone not too long ago, that von Daniken had commissioned some pottery to be made that depicted alien craft, then tried to pawn it off as ancient. Nova checked out the claim and found the modern-day potter who had made the pottery. Von Daniken lied, he's even admitted it, but he continues to do the same nonsense to this day. Why anyone takes anything he says seriously is beyond me.

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