I Just Don’t Watch That Stuff

There are plenty of genres of TV shows I just don’t watch.  I don’t watch romances.  I don’t watch soap operas.  I don’t watch sitcoms. Then there are genres of shows that I only watch a select few.  I don’t like most police procedurals, for example, the CSI shows.  Can’t stand them.  However, I do watch shows like Castle and The Mentalist because they break the mold.  I don’t usually watch most dramas, although a few do make it through the filters like Burn Notice.  There are some shows like Psych which are heavily comedy-infused drama that I certainly watch.  I absolutely never, ever watch sitcoms.  Ever.  If it’s gotta have a laugh track to tell you when you’re supposed to laugh, forget it.

Yet I keep hearing I ought to be watching a couple of shows and, while I’ve tried, I just don’t like them for whatever reason.

Breaking Bad is the story of Walter White, a former high school chemistry teacher who learns he has advanced lung cancer and turns to a life of brewing drugs in hopes of providing for his family before he dies.  No matter how well this show is acted, no matter how brilliantly it is produced, it deals with a subject that I abjectly hate, that being illegal drugs.  There is no coming back from that precipice.  The creator describes the central premise of the show “What makes a man ‘bad’ — his actions, his motives, or his conscious decision to be a bad person?”  Personally, I think all of the above, and there simply is no valid justification I can imagine for being involved in the drug trade, any more than I could imagine him choosing to be an assassin and consider him a good person.  It is just an inherently evil thing to do, no matter the rationalization.  It’s like making a show about a Catholic priest who molests altar boys.  No matter how compelling the writing, how excellent the acting, how amazing the story, I’m not going to be interested because I view the lead character as inherently evil.

So nope, not a show I have any interest in whatsoever.

Big Bang Theory is another one that people rave about and I’ve seen probably a dozen episodes or so at various times, but it’s still a sitcom and that kills it for me.  Virtually all sitcoms come across as obnoxious and this one is no different.  Nothing actually happens that I’ve seen, it’s just a bunch of unsocial geeky nonsense with a laugh track.  Just because it’s geeky doesn’t make it good.  Just because it contains elements which, by themselves, I might enjoy, such as the geekyness and the atheism, doesn’t make the show something I want to watch.  I couldn’t stand House either, no matter how openly atheistic the lead was.  I think the reason it’s so popular is that it plays into the misconceptions lots of people have, or would like to be true, about geeks, that they’re pathetic losers who can’t get laid and live in their mother’s basements.  That pretty much describes the characters in Big Bang Theory, and even when they do get laid, they never show they can form stable, long-lasting relationships.  In fact, that’s one of those elements that seems prevalent in these geeky shows, they’re social failures and they can never improve because the entire show is designed around their being failures.  If they change, the show ends.

Forget it.  Zero interest.

It’s probably too bad because there isn’t much good on TV these days, but I have my standards and they are pretty high and anything that cannot meet those standards, no matter how excellent it might be otherwise, simply isn’t going to appear on my TV.

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