At Least That’s Useful

Personally, I think burkas are stupid, but hey, if someone wants to wear them, more power to them.  Today, I was at the grocery store and finally saw something that made me realize how useful they could be.

There was a woman, dressed similarly to the person to the left, although without the mask.  I figured it would be in bad taste to whip out my phone and take a picture of her, but I couldn’t find any pictures of what she was doing online, so it might be a bit unique.

She had stuffed her cell phone under her hood and pulled it tight so that it held her phone to the side of her head and she could use it hands-free.  Yeah, having a bluetooth device would be easier but go with what you’ve got, right?

It’s a stupid, primitive way to live your life, but at least this particular woman found a way to make it useful.

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