I Beat PZ Myers To The Punch

Best R/C helicopter ever!  If it wasn’t made from apparent road-kill, I’d make one!  My oldest daughter, upon seeing it, declared it a UFO – “Unidentifed Feline Object”, which I think is a fantastic term for it.

And it’s perfect fodder for the ongoing PZ Myers/Jerry Coyne cat war too.  They’ve been going back and forth for a long time, Jerry is the ultimate cat lover, PZ tends to enjoy things of a more cephalopod-ish nature.  Therefore, whenever Jerry posts something pro-cat, PZ invariably posts something anti-cat.  I think I’ve beat PZ to the punch on this one though, which I find amazing because he’s usually a pretty quick guy.

Yes, it is in some Scandinavian language without subtitles, I apologize, but the important parts transcend language.

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