Lots of Changes

To be honest, I’ve let Bitchspot coast along for quite a long time now.  Mostly, this is because I simply have had no free time to spend working on it.  I’ve spent several years putting in 70+ hours a week at work, building a successful business, training employees, etc.  At least for the moment, it seems, things are running smoothly and I can take a bit of a break.  That gives me a little more time to spend on pet projects like this blog.

The other reason it’s been allowed to go fallow is because, let’s be honest, I didn’t care that much.  I’ve been burned out on a lot of this for a long time, a lot of things have gone wrong and really, this was a place to throw up random complaints and toss out odd thoughts that I wanted to put into words.  I put up a generic WordPress installation, loaded a generic theme, left all the basic settings and walked away from it.  Once in a while, I’ll put up a post, but those were relatively few and far between.  I didn’t much care if the site crashed, I didn’t care who read it, it just wasn’t a priority. I’ve told the story before, but have reposted it here, for anyone who really cares to know what’s happened behind the scenes here at Bitchspot.

However, now that I’ve got more time, I’ve started to look at the blog a little differently.  I’ve had people who have followed me through the whole process, through good times and bad, and I feel like I haven’t given my best to them.  I owe them quality and care and thanks and as such, I’ve done some revamping over the past couple of days.  You may have noticed that graphically, things have changed a bit, the format has been adjusted and I’ve started tweaking some of the settings to make it more user friendly.  As time goes on, I plan on making bigger and better adjustments and I need your help.  If you have ideas to improve the site, please either post them here as a comment or e-mail me.

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