I almost never watch shows like Pawn Stars.  I really don’t care about the junk people want to hock and frankly, the majority of people who walk into the pawn shop are just idiots anyhow.  Over the weekend though, I was working on something in front of the TV and nothing better was on so I just left a Pawn Stars marathon running.  I wish I hadn’t.

Seriously, how can so many people be so absolutely ignorant?  They drag some piece of junk out of the attic into the shop, they find out it’s worth $100 so they expect the shop to pay them $100.  What?  It’s a retail establishment!  They have to sell it and make a profit!  Only a complete idiot would expect them to pay $100.

Lots of complete idiots out there, sorry to say.  I am continually surprised and disgusted by just how stupid people can be.  They have unrealistic expectations, but if you dare tell them so, they get offended.  How dare anyone try to educate the ignorant!  Ignorance is a right, after all!  Stop trying to tell these morons that they can’t get what they want!  They deserve it!

I’m pretty sure the crew on Pawn Stars feel the same way, how could they not?    Being bombarded all day long with people who want special treatment, more money and better terms than everyone else, just because they bothered to get out of bed today.  I know I use that term a lot, but it’s really how it is.  Far too many people think they get extra because they’ve been taught since they were small that they are special.

They’re not special.  They’re morons.  It’s sad that on a show like Pawn Stars, that’s demonstrated once again.

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