Traditions Meant to be Broken

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when the religious go around whining about the “War on Christmas” and how they deserve special treatment just because they believe in imaginary friends.

This year, we have them whining in Santa Monica, where atheist groups, fair and square, won a lot of display spots in the traditionally religious Palisades Park displays and now think that atheists are violating their free speech.

Are you people idiots?

First off, this is a PUBLIC PARK.  Yes, I know your “tradition” goes back to 1953, but so what?  You don’t get to monopolize a public park because your imaginary friend says so.  Santa Monica has a random drawing to determine who gets to put up displays.  This year, the atheists won.  Funny how the religious don’t complain when they win all the spots, isn’t it?  So instead, the religious sit around and whine about how unfair it is that they can’t publically display their holiday myths on taxpayer-funded property, that somehow the atheists are hijacking the holiday.  You know, like they’ve done for the past 50 years.

Worst yet, Hunter Jameson, chairman of the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee, says of atheists, “their goal is getting rid of us, and squelching our 1st Amendment rights”.  You mean like you’ve done for decades against atheists?  It’s outrageous hypocrisy.  It’s absurd Christian privilege.  They think that just because they hold the dominant cultural fantasy belief, they automatically get to win every contest.  They’re wrong.

This is nothing but the appeal to tradition fallacy.  It’s been this way, therefore it has to always remain this way.  Not necessarily so.

Now I will agree that the atheist organizations who put up the displays should have done something better than what they did.  A simple sign, protected behind chain link fence, really is pretty pointless.  If you’re going to fight over a display, at least put up a display!  It’s like winning a spot in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and walking down the street holding an 8×10 sign.  It seems not only like a tremendous wasted opportunity, but a pointless exercise.  They should have done something positive and bold that would make people think.

To the Christians, screw you.  You don’t get to pretend you’re the only game in town and when another game shows up, you don’t get to scream discrimination.  Nobody is squelching your first Amendment rights because you never had any rights to display on public land to begin with.  You want to display something?  Do it in your front yard, or in front of your church. You want to display your private beliefs?  Do it on your own private property.  Get over your entitlement fantasies.

They’re just not real, any more than your imaginary friend.

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