It’s How They’re Raised

On Thanksgiving, I had the annual displeasure of having to hang around with a “family friend” who has come to attend family functions with her obnoxious hyperactive kid.  She’s one of those annoying extremely permissive parents who lets their kid get away with murder and wouldn’t know how to discipline if her life depended on it.  As such, her daughter is an obnoxious brat with serious entitlement issues.  She thinks she’s the center of attention for anyone and everyone and has no problem butting into conversations, taking things from others without asking, etc.  She’s just asking to get smacked and her mother is too.

However, that’s not the point of the story.  During the evening, she was wandering around the house with an iPad trying to show people YouTube videos of “monsters” like Chupacabra and the like.  Her mother says she thinks they’re all real.  It was annoying and my kids were trying to be nice and not tell her that she was a fucking idiot, which, of course, she is.  My kids aren’t that much older than the little spoiled shit-stain, but they’ve never been into that.

I was reminded of this a couple of days ago when my wife and kids were watching one of those “Alien Conspiracy” shows on TV.  You know something?  They were laughing at it!  My oldest daughter sits there pointing out everything they do that is irrational and illogical, detailing the holes big enough to fly an alien mothership through.  They know how to think critically and they apply that knowledge.  The conspiracy-theorist minion hasn’t a clue and neither does her mother.  They come off as people who believe anything they are told without a moment’s thought, incapable of rational evaluation and seemingly uninterested.

It makes me even prouder of my kids who, not only know how to think, they apply that ability to every day life on their own, without being told they ought to.  Healthy skepticism is a way of life for them.  They actually care if what they believe is factually true and they have the basic tools, and are developing more all the time, for making the determination if something is worth believing or not.

So while they’re excellent students who everyone raves about, the other little shit is going to be subjecting the planet to a lifetime of entitlement-whining and utter stupidity because hey, thinking is for other people.

Sad really.

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