More Hypocritical Neocons

I very rarely ever listen to Rush Limbaugh.  Usually, I’m just not in the car at the time the show is on and I’m certainly not going to tune in specifically to hear what the blowhard has to say.  That’s not to say he doesn’t have some decent ideas from time to time, but more often than not, he leaves me shaking my head, he’s an embarrassment to actual conservatism in many of his views.

Today was just one such occasion.  He started bitching about the recent news that Libya had announced it would be run as a Muslim nation, under Sharia law.  Now you know me, I have no love of Islam, it’s just as idiotic as every other religion, but to hear Rush whine about how horrible it is that Libya and probably Egypt as well will become Muslim nations was ridiculous.

I mean, aren’t these the same people who think this is a Christian nation and would have no problem with the United States being run under Biblical principles?  Yet, suggest fora moment that some other religion might get the same privileges and it’s the most horrible suggestion ever.

Personally, I wish all nations would be secular nations, that no religious law would hold sway anywhere on the planet, it would be the first sign of the human race growing up.  However, to say that one religion gets privileges and others do not is absurd in the extreme.

It’s a concept as idiotic as the religions themselves.

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