And You Wonder Why People Pirate?

I have a massive DVD collection, I buy more than 100 DVDs a year, I’m one of the people who keep the movie and TV industry in business.  I was looking forward to the release of the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie that came out on Tuesday, so I stopped into Walmart last night to pick it up.

Well guess what?  Only the Bluray version came out, if you want the DVD version, you have to wait another month.  Oh, I know that the Bluray comes with the DVD and “portable” versions of the movie, but that’s not the point.  I only want the DVD version.  Sure, we have HD in the living room, but my kids only have standard definition TVs and DVD players and they watch these movies in their rooms all the time, thus we usually buy the lower definition, which honestly I’m fine with.  You can’t get 1080P on TV’s smaller than 40 inches and they just don’t have room for that in their entertainment centers.

Therefore, you know what I did Disney?  I pirated your stupid movie.  Yup, I downloaded it and I’m not going to buy it.  Ever.  Sort of ironic that a movie about pirates gets pirated, don’t you think?  And you know who you can blame?  Yourself.

It’s a shame.  I bought the other three movies.  In fact, I bought the big special editions of them.  Now… even though I was perfectly willing to give Disney my money, their stupidity has cost them a sale, as will any company who pulls this kind of stupidity in the future.  I refuse to be told what I ought to be buying.  That’s my decision.

So I stopped at Target on the way home and bought a couple of season sets for a TV show, spent more than I would have spent on POTC: On Stranger Tides, then came straight home and downloaded that movie.  When Disney stops being stupid, they can have my money.  Until then, fuck you.

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