Spoiled Kid

You know, I don’t get it.  My oldest daughter got her report card and it’s straight A’s, as usual.  Add to that the fact that she got the first “Student of the Month” award at her school, we decided to do something special for her.

We’ve always rewarded the kids for good grades, if they got A’s, they got a video game for every A they got.  This time, we decided to get her a new computer.  She’s had her laptop for about a year now, she got it when her old desktop took a dump, but she quickly realized that it wasn’t really built for gaming so there are some games she just can’t play on it.  Therefore, we gave her a job.  Figure out what computer she wants, or at the very least, see what the games she wants to play require so we get one with sufficient power.

That was almost 3 weeks ago.  Still haven’t heard a word.  At her age, if someone had offered to buy me something new and money was no object, I’d have jumped at it.  I’d have the specs in their hand in less than 5 minutes.  How can you turn something like that down?  But no, 3 weeks later, still nothing.  We went and looked at Best Buy once, I didn’t see anything there that was all that exciting.  Maybe we’ll just order something from Dell, although I hate to pay the shipping costs.

It’s hard to spoil a good kid these days.

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