The Idiots of Craigslist

Sorry, I just have to vent for a minute, simply because there’s no real way to do it effectively on Craigslist.  Yes, Craigslist uses absurdly outdated technology that doesn’t allow people to do anything to respond to ads, nor really to carry on an effective discussion in their forums.  Maybe I’m just spoiled, but threaded forums like that went out years ago.

That said though, I really do hate the utterly idiotic people who post on Craigslist.  I’m not talking about the people who can’t spell, the people who don’t even know what they have, the people who ramble on and on in their ads, I specifically mean the people who think they’re above the rules and get to do as they wish and bitch about it when their ads are flagged.

Yes, I’m talking about the majority of the people who post in community/pets.  Sorry, let me step back for a second and post some facts.

  1. Craigslist specifically prohibits the sale of any animal of any kind on their site.  It appears as item #11 on their list of prohibited items.  It also appears as a warning on the community/pets page that says: no pet sales or breeding please.
  2. While it does say that a small adoption fee is allowed, lots of people think “rehoming fee” and “sale” are synonymous.  They think that simply calling it a rehoming fee allows them to get around #1.  They are wrong.
  3. Craigslist CEO Craig Newman has specified what he permits as a “rehoming fee”.  “Your small rehoming fee may ONLY be to offset RECENT vet care done to prepare the… animal for adoption. Anything over that will result in flags.”

So you’d think that people with the slightest brainwave activity in their head would know that you cannot sell animals on Craigslist.  You’d have to be a complete asshat, or blind, or both, to miss that very important point, it’s plastered everywhere on the site.  Yet, lots of people seem to think that they’re entitled to do whatever they want to do, rules be damned, because somehow they’re special.

Fuck them.

I get so sick and tired of this idiotic American entitlement bullshit.  What’s worse are the people who go into the flag help forum, post that they got flagged and then bitch and whine when everyone tells them they are trying to do something they’re specifically prohibited from doing.  And they argue with people about it!  “I can sell if I want to!”  “Who are you to tell me I can’t do what I want?”  “I see other people doing it!”  That last one really gets my goat.  Hey, I see people shooting other people on the news all the time, why can’t I do it too?  The fact is, when you sign up for a Craigslist account, you specifically agree to follow the rules and one of those rules obligates you to flag all ads that you see that violate the rules.  Those who bitch that they ought to be able to ignore the rules too are, by their very nature, breaking the rules they already agreed to!

Dumb, dumb, dumb people.

The world, and certainly Craig Newman’s privately-owned site, doesn’t owe you a free place to post whatever you want.  You agreed to follow the rules.  Follow them or take your sale somewhere else.  Nobody gives a damn about your ridiculous arguments or absurd rationalizations.  You don’t deserve to break the rules, no matter how many other people you claim you see doing it.  If you see it, flag them.  Do what you agreed to do in the first place.  If you ask for help, accept the help that is offered!  Don’t argue about it!  What’s the point in asking for help if you’re going to throw it back in the face of the people who try to help you, especially since ignoring them is just going to keep getting your ads flagged.  The rules are the rules, take it or leave it.

I am so tired of the absurdly stupid, entitlement-happy fucktards.

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  1. The craiglist website is do damn outdated. IT's like a site from the prehistoric time. How do it manage to be popular? I just couldn't understand this kind of phenomena..(the craigslist!)

    1. Ha ha ha…. y the fuck do u care what others do or don't do…. what they say or don't say…. let them be, if they like the rambling site then let them visit it…. in ur case u don't like it so stay the fuck off of it…. duh!!!!! Idiot…… worry about ur life n not what other ppl are up to n to mandan….. hey stupid…. the site ca t be prehistoric cause if that was the case that would mean the site was up n running thousands of yrs ago…. u know b4 the internet was even around lmao

      1. First off, holy shit, learn to spell. Do you have any idea what an ignorant asshole you look like? Secondly, like it or not, there are rules in life and you agree to follow them when you enter their sphere of influence. If you don't like it, don't go there. People and private companies, like Craigslist, have every right to make whatever rules they want to make and you… well, intelligent people, obligate themselves to follow those rules as a consequence of being on the site. You're just an ignorant idiot.

        But that's clear to everyone now.

        1. "I get so sick and tired of this idiotic American entitlement bullshit."

          Hear, hear. I know I have said this exact line a few times.

          …and thank you for setting 'Mando' straight, this ebonified American language derivative gives me nightmares. Why does everything have to be shortened? "You're cool" takes no more time than "UR CooL".. arrrgh!

  2. My grammars affect my learning delay, anyway I was just flagged for posting a ad for wanting a service dog puppy or young adult, some dumb people flagged my ad, now this is where I draw the line. what so wrong to ask for a service dog? Is that now a new rule against craigslist? If so I don't see it anywhere.

    1. Actually, a lot of people will flag you for asking for something, Craigslist pets exists for people to give away their animals, most people think that asking for something encourages pet sales. I don't know if that's true or not, but that's how I've seen it described in the past.

  3. Just now learning about the posting's on Craigslist. and I must first address the issue of foul mouth's on here , To Me it is not a sign of maturity, and secondly there gonna Be ignorant people. Who try to use and misuse alot of thing's everywhere in Life. A Fee Is A Fee no matter what kind of spin you put on it. What is the difference between selling a dog and selling a car. ????? Pay me for the tires and the tune up I just paid to sell it,–HELLO

    1. Because the person who owns the site decided that he doesn't want animals sold on the site and everyone who signs up for an account agrees to follow the rules. It's as simple as that. Following your obligations is certainly a sign of maturity, one that many people on Craigslist don't have.

      1. It is not the fact that the owner of CL does not want animals sold on the site — it is because he doesn't want to be harassed by pet owners who WANT to list free ads on that site. The RULES for listing pets are wishy-washy and too open to interpretation by every (ignorant) person who trolls that site. People decide in their heads how much "reasonable" fees are. There are no amounts suggested in CL's RULES. Your "reasonable" and my "reasonable" fee may be and are two different things.

        The free sites who allow listing pets have distinct listed rules if you want to advertise a pet. There are warnings what to watch out for in order for your pet NOT to be put in danger.

        CL does not care about the safety of any pet, so it stresses FREE pets. I know there are a lot of nice people who own pets. But sick people also surf that site to obtain pets for shooting parties, feeding their snakes, cruelty, etc.. Not to mention people who should never own a pet and have not researched the pet species, pets end up back on CL after a week when a decision is made the pet will not work out.

        FREE is opening everyone up to a FLIPPER getting the pet to resell it. THEN the el cheapos bitch that there is a FLIPPER on that site. When one sells a pet cheap or for free, it is the OWNER'S fault their pet has been flipped.

        Pets listed on ANY site for sale should contain a price to avoid the wrong person trying to get that pet. Then if one likes the person coming out to see the pet, one does NOT have to charge them a fee at all ! But the publicized price should be in that ad for the public to see, or a note should be on the site "rehoming fee applies". This applies to CL ads too.

        It is wrong for trolls to flag ads just because the troll does not think the price is "fair". That person most probably is not even interested in getting that pet anyway.

        PS: I have gotten pets off of CL. I have called on FREE ads. But when I take the animal I ALWAYS leave that person a donation anyway. I am not a freeloader, I am a caring pet person who does rescue so I know what it takes and how expensive it is to own many pets. I understand some people are inexperienced in listing pet ads. I have tried to leave help comments on CL. But my help notes rarely stay on that site for longer than one hour because of some stupid person who flags it. I guess I care about a stranger's pets more than they do. I sincerely apologize for this fact….

        1. Wrong. The Craigslist prohibited items list is very specific. It says: Household pets of any kind including dogs, cats, primates, cage birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, fish. Re-homing with small adoption fee OK.

          Craig Newmark, owner and founder of Craigslist has gone on record very specifically saying that he does not want any animals sold on the site. He permits a small rehoming fee which *ONLY* applies to recent vet work to prepare the animal for a new home. Anything beyond that will result in a flag.

          If you want to help people, go into the pet or flag help forums where people are constantly asking why their ad got flagged. Unfortunately, explaining it to these mental midgets is pointless, they think they have a right to do whatever they want to do, whether it's against the rules or not and if you tell them they're in the wrong, they'll cuss at you and storm out.

          1. It is not the fact that the owner of CL does not want animals sold on the site — it is because he doesn't want to be harassed by pet owners who WANT to list free ads on that site. The RULES for listing pets are wishy-washy and too open to interpretation by every (ignorant) person who trolls that site. People decide in their heads how much "reasonable" fees are. There are no amounts suggested in CL's RULES. Your "reasonable" and my "reasonable" fee may be and are two different things.

            I do not agree with you. There SHOULD be a specific amount noted as to what :"small fee" is. There are NO number figures in CL's Rules. You also are improvising amounts. If the CL founder does not want pets listed, then it should state that. Posters are going by CL's rules, what they read, what I read and need to agree to in order to post. I have not talked direct with the founder nor do I care to. What he "means" is not written into that contract. Your idea of a small fee and my idea of a small fee differs. EX: A moluccan cockatoo costs $1,800 in a pet shop. There is no way any one would sell that bird for $20, not $200, not $400. $600 is a percentage of what that bird is worth. Plus vet fees for birds start out at $200 for a complete exam. And free is totally not possible and not safe in order to find a good home for a healthy moluccan cockatoo. I resent being told how much to advertise to sell my property by CL. (I don't advertise on there because of that fact.) If I did, my ad would be immediately flagged because of everyone's "private interpretation" of what amount should be charged. A seller has the right to ask what he wants for selling his property. I would never advertise a cheap amount on CL because I know the mentality of the flaggers… you are evidently one of them too evidently. I would want to find a safe home for my pets, not find a mental moron who is just looking for a free pet and cannot afford it, who knows nothing about its care, who will flip it soon after picking it up from my house. That is what happens to quality pets being advertised on CL.

            And I checked into sparring with the mental midgets in the forums. No thank you. You can't fix stupid.

            This site requests comments on dealing with CL, I gave my opinions. I know the CL Rules will not be changed. I know I will not sell a pet, or anything on CL. The flagging system on CL is not monitored except to block out caring pet people who try to alert others to dangers to their pets (me). Like I said, "you can't fix stupid". I tried and evidently failed.

            I am able to read, I read over the Rules, I used to type contracts in my job, and I do not see what you see regarding pet advertising mandates. Wishy- washy points in contracts creates misconceptions and differences of opinion. I really am beginning to think that this page/site has a Craig N. connection, based on the the comments I have read here. Very suspicious.

            I do not expect this note to appear as a reply. That is OK since I now understand the point of this site's discussion tactic. Have a nice day.

          2. It depends on what you can prove, with actual receipts, that you've had done to the animal within 30 days. I don't care if you like what Craig says, those are the words that came straight out of his mouth, or his keyboard, and since he owns the site, he can set whatever rules he wants and if you don't like it, you're free to take your business elsewhere. You can keep arguing all you want, it doesn't change the facts.

          3. Again, NOWHERE does it specify what a "small" rehoming fee amounts to. It ALSO does not say anything about needing any receipts to PROVE vet costs.

            You, my friend, are among the "mental midgets."

          4. Actually, it does specify what that rehoming fee is and what it\’s supposed to cover, go back and look at the links provided. It specifically is meant to cover recent vet costs that prepare the animal for rehoming. And the fact that you think lying about vet costs is a good thing says something not at all flattering about you.

        2. I completely agree with everything you just said, especially because I’ve never posted anything on here before and I going exactly through this right now. My mom and I found a dog in a bad neighborhood who had jumped in our car and wouldn’t get out. This has happened to is several times, you could say I basically grew up rescuing dogs, all kinds.

          So anyways back to this new dog, we took her home and she’s been with us for about a year and a half, she always likes to run off like she’s running away, but she would only keep running if you chased her. She always came back because she knew she was apart of the family.

          So these past couple months, I witnessed my first dog birth, she’s a red nose Pitbull and we mated her with my uncles red nose. I’ve never seen a dog give birth and I’m so grateful to say I have and we have been raising them for two-three months now. They are the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen, they have color changing eyes and they are super smart. My dog had a litter of 12 puppies, 3 of them were girls, but 1 of those were stillborn, and 8 of them were males. There were two fawn colored ones, 3 reddish-brown color ones, and the rest were darker brown. I watched my dog go through postpartum depression days after she had them, so they mean the world to me and I want to make sure they have really great homes.

          There were a lot of people who wanted to get a puppy and had no problem with the rehoming fee because they wanted to know the dogs situation, some people however did not agree and would get really rude so because I am only a 20 year old female who’s stressing out like I’m 45 struggling to live with school loans and bills and working 80+ hours to weeks, majority of the emails from here we’re being sent to my spam so I wasn’t getting them a lot of the time, people would get nasty and would be upset because they didn’t agree with what I said. The lady asked my price, I told her, she didn’t agree and told me I was being to steep when I’ve researched how much I’m allowed to charge for my fee, I told her that there were people who agreed with my price and that it was her loss not mine, so she emailed me back saying that I need to stop getting smart and she’s not a child and that she was going to report me to the police! I asked her what would you report me for because you don’t agree with me?

          So I guess I should be waiting for the police to contact me. In my defense for my I think I’m not wrong, I have dealt with people talking extremely rude to me about puppies, calling me all kind of names and things and threatening me so I just read this and thought, if one of them would had just explained like you might want to read the rules about how you post on here, I would have accepted that. But about people trying to bully me about of how much we were charging is ridiculous. Especially when we have met really great people with great attentions who feel like we are being fair considering the circumstances. This was the only comment that I felt made sense to me so I decided to share my story, I hope you guys don’t mind.


    Yes, CL has its "rules" and these comments follow them……

    THIS is why some fees for dogs/cats are over $10:

    1. The pet is an expensive pedigree or close to a pedigree (not a mutt or an alley cat)
    2. The parrot is an expensive species
    2. The person has paid for the pet's SHOTS
    3. The pet as gone to the vet ($35 to walk in the door, plus treatments)
    4. The person has paid for SPAYING/NEUTERING
    5. The person has HOUSETRAINED the pet.
    6. The person has taken the dog to DOG OBEDIENCE classes
    7. The person wants to avoid a FLIPPER or an ABUSER

    CL has allowed for "reimbursable" fees, check off any of the above which apply, add those fees up
    THIS is why some pets are sometimes listed for EX: $200.00 .

    Vet fees are not cheap or free. Time is money for a person too. Classes are NOT free.

    Anyone bitching about high fees should find out from the person what applies. For the idiots…not all of the above will apply to EVERY pet.


    If this is still a problem (A) Go elsewhere, (B) You may be passing up a QUALITY dog/cat (C) You cannot afford the pet in the first place (D) You want to take advantage of the Seller (E) You know nothing about the pet you WANT,. (F) You are just CHEAP

    PS: I would personally never advertise a pet on CL because of their unmonitored flagging system!
    I recommend these sites: Hoobly, SuperAds, Ebay-Classifieds, Ooodle (all free…) for selling a pet.

    I looked up Craigslist on the Internet. It says that the owner is in the background now. Rules can always be changed. CL changed the rule real quick and sneaky that they have the right to any comment one puts on their site. Everyone should know that before posting. I did not. And I read over the rules several times. Craiglist has a super low rating all over the web. Of course the common person who is unaware of the pitfalls of CL or the morons who post on that site don't care and the el cheapos who are looking for free or super cheap stuff will always use CL. So that will keep CL afloat. It is amazing that the common person does not think that they are putting their pet in danger by offering FREE pets. So a rehoming fee should be a decent number. I know you do not care about pets by your comments and you are probably one of the high muckey-mucks on CL's Board, have some connection with that site, or may even be Mr. Craig. Our opinions certainly differ. But that is OK. Because I will now avoid CL like the plague and hope a lot of other people will go elsewhere too. I give up. Like I said, in quoting Ron White,"people can improve their looks with plastic surgery, but you can't fix stupid…". No offense to you, I am referring to the common public using that site.

    1. I'm not defending the site or their policies, I'm saying that they have every right to make whatever policies they want and if you don't like it, your one and only option is to take your business elsewhere. You've apparently done so. No reason to talk about it beyond that.

    2. You know half of what you listed sould be done as a good pet owner so you should not think your going to get that money back!!! It seems to me there are a bunch of back yard breeders here and just mad that they got flagged when trying to sell there mutts

  6. I'm not sure if this has ever been suggested, or even if it would be feasible…but if people are truly concerned about the welfare of their pet, why not offer it for free, but with a contract that allows you to check in from time to time, visit, receive pics? If its really not about making a quick buck off your animal, then this seems like it might be a great solution all around. Maybe?

    1. Maybe, but they don't want to give their animals away for free, they want to make a quick buck. Most of them are probably breeding backyard puppies so they can sell them on Craigslist. Like I said in the article, if you can't keep your animal and want it to have a good home, you ought to be grateful for anyone to come and take your unwanted pet and give it a happy home. That's not the goal though. The goal is money.

  7. People who have promised to allow home visits to an adopted pet have lied in the past and will not respond. People dog flip…get a free or cheap dog that is popular then turn around and sell it. Dogs are sold to labs when they are not supposed to be and people argue that cannot happen….well it has. dogs have been used for fighting and many for bait dogs and some damn fools use them for target practice and some really bad things. Humans are the destroyers of this earth, not the animals. I have no faith in the human race. There are good ones, but they are outnumbered by the idiots. Sounds pretty strong…well that is how I feel. Being here more than 70 years has shown me how disgusting humans can be.

    1. Yup, people have done some really bad things, that doesn't give one a license to violate rules to which someone has agreed, etc. If people don't want their pets to go to bad homes, they ought to not get rid of their pets in the first place.

  8. Not asking a reasonable fee for animals on Craigslist just makes it more likely the animal will be obtained by someone who cannot afford to care for it, who decides to get it on impulse, flips it, or is abusive like the man who obtained Puppy Doe. In the day and age of CL murders, identity theft etc it's not safe to give out too much personal information. A rehoming fee equal to one months care of the pet someone hopes to obtain is reasonable. If they cannot afford that they cannot care for the pet. I am currently rehoming kittens and asking a $50 rehoming fee that is to be returned to the buyer in one year upon proof the kitten is still with them, healthy, and fixed. One woman completely came unglued at how I'm profiting off this. She clearly can't afford a cat and went ballistic with name calling, threats of "I know where you live", and assumptions that I bred these cats rather than rescued pregnant kitties. Not very stable. And no one that should be able to take their temper out on a helpless animal. I think what made her angry was my saying rehoming fees weed out people unable to afford caring for a pet. There are also people out there who can charm you and give you all the appearance of a great home when all they want is cheap snake food. They will gladly pay $10 for a kitten but not $50.

    1. That doesn't change the fact that the owners of Craigslist have a policy that you cannot ask anything more than recent vet expenses. You can disagree with that all you want but your only option is to take your animal and post it on another site. You have no right to use Craigslist if you don't want to follow their policies. That's the reality.

  9. Ok I've read the article… All the comments and have to say a few things.

    1. The problem with MOST people who are SELLING or "RE-HOMING" their pets for HUGE prices think Of their animal as PROPERTY! This is so disappointing. An animal should be family to those who chose to bring this living animal into their lives. If an animal is kept and thought of as property then there isn't a true love, appreciation and respect for it.

    2. I don't care how much your parrot was, how much your pure breed is. YOU choose to buy said animal, YOU choose to support it, YOU choose to pay its vet bills, food, training… WE as adopters are choosing to take over that responsibility, however we are not looking to reimburse you for the money you spent on your animal while you were able to love it. WE are investing OUR money on the animals FUTURE!

    As for pure breeds: I've contacted many people who are selling their "pure bred" yet papers can't be shown… I'm sorry without papers this animal is basically a mutt. Even with papers it's still not right o get reimbursed for your time with said animal.

    3. No where does it say only free animals are allowed. SMALL re-homing fee. As a good animal parent,if you can't afford or need to re-home your pet don't be stupid about it. If you're going to put a price on your animal instead of being a greedy guts make it known that a donation to a local rescue hold be made instead of pocketing the money. This not only helps outer animals and your animal but it shows compassion. Also no matter if there is a fee or not MAKE AN ADOPTION AGREEMENT!

    The agreement should include the following:

    • An agreed on fee (hopefully to be paid to a rescue)
    • Proof of life every month for a set period via in person or picture (with a newspaper showing the date or a written note so the picture is known to be legit and that said pet will not be flipped
    • should be stated that if the new owner has to give up said pet you will be notified (within the set period of proof of life clause)
    • a fixing agreement and proof when said animal gets of age or if said animal is of age make a deadline. Proof of fixing must be presented.
    • proof of safe home, home visit should be a must!
    • for animals that are seen as dangerous (shepherds, all bully breeds, Dobermans, rotties… Etc.) should have an agreement that said dogs will undergo basic training and NOT being used for dog fighting.
    • an agreement that cats be indoor (unless there is a safe outside enclosure). As much as cats like being outside… Cars, predators and bad people are dangerous, ll too often do I see post of cats hit by cars, coyote sightings and lost or missing.
    • an agreement that dogs will be indoor/outdoor dogs, I not care why the breed NO dog deserves a purely outside life.
    • references: previous landlords who dealt with the person and their pet. Work so you know they hav an income

    Should the person adopting break the agreement in anyway there should be a punishment. Either monetary high value (so it gives incentive to not break the agreement) or the animal returns to the previous owner.

    4. Just because someone wants a free pet or low re-homing fee does NOT mean that they can't afford said pet, or that they are going to do unspeakable things to said animal. I personally refuse to reimburse people for the time and money they gave their pet… However I would pay a reasonable fee to a local animal rescue (of my choice).

    Captain the German shep was paid for… He ultimately died at the hands of the man who PAID for him… And what about that football player with the HUGE dog fighting ring? He was well off yet he abused animals. This goes to prove that paying a fee doesn't ensure safety.

    5. As for animal being used as food for snakes. Snake owners (for the most part) respect animals. They either use a mouse breeder for live fed snakes but more snake owners are now doing frozen/thawed mice. As much as I love mice I understand that snakes deserve to eat. It's the circle of life, we humans kill and eat animals, so does a snake. Reputable snake owners will NOT go on craigslist to hunt for snake food… Just like people give pit bulls a bad name they do the same for snake owners.

    Pets are not property, nor a pay cheque. They are family and should be treated as such. They live, eat, breath and love just like us humans. Respect your animals!

    1. I'm all for everything you have said. It is true just because someone doesn't want to pay a fee for a dog, doesn't mean that they can't take care of the animal. I refuse to pay for an animal that need a home, I have rescued several dogs over the years and I will pay a humane society a fee but not some back yard breeder. We are so over populated with all animals and it is not fair to them. I think if you buy a dog or take on the idea of having a dog then be ready to be responsible for the dog, love it as you would a family member. These people that think having a dog is no big deal then find out they cannot afford it or they have to move, or they didn't know the dog was going to get big. All sorry excuses, If the animal means anything to you go to the house of the person adopting, you can tell alot about how a person lives. I have always invited the person who gave the dog to me to my home, I have even sent emails, pictures, ect. and in two cases the people never responded. They did not care they only wanted rid of the animal. Love your pets.

  10. I think the rules should be for every body then. how about the add for beagle pups that has been on the Friday listings? no body flags that one! why do some get to and not others? and why not flag the illegal adds in personal ads? the ones that ask for money or offer money? drugs?

    1. It's an open system. You can get on and flag them yourselves. Not everyone watches every section. If you object to an ad, get on and flag it. If you have time to watch the ads at all, don't wait for someone else to do it, do it yourself.

    2. If the animal was fixed and they where rehoming it for a reasonable fee like $100 he would not get flagged that is a good post

      1. Actually, while I haven't looked for a long time, I'm willing to bet that there are people out there that would flag any fee of any kind as unreasonable.

  11. Flipping Garbage site now.
    Making new friends or getting a date seems pointless on there.
    Selling things can be a mission and there seems to be no accountability for fake adverts or fake flagging of adverts.
    I'm not going to use it anymore myself nor will I recommend it.

    1. The funny thing is, there are all kinds of people who tell me that Craigslist is a great place to get great stuff cheap, but that's certainly not the case locally. It is, as you say, a lot of junk at prices that are absurd. If I'm going to be paying 80% of the price for new, I'll just go buy it new.


    1. You may want to re-read the writer of this CL complaint if one of your complaints is misspelling. If you look at #2 under his list you will see that this guy doesn't worry about misspelling and such because he himself doesn't take a moment to proof read his own "rant article". With you being a fellow person who can't stand that sort of thing you will easily see what I'm referring to, I don't think I need to tell you.

  13. We are made from the same cloth! I loved reading this and could feel your sense of energy, outrage, disgust and intolerance for those ignorant, entitled @$$holes; many of whom I come across on a daily basis in business, directly and those I push off to the side because it’s not my job to teach them. But I will make them aware of their insensitivity to reason and lack of ability to think and concern themselves past the end of their nose!

    I simply and diplomatically make them aware of how off they are;/how twisted inside out and upside down their perspective is; embarrass them and move on.

    Some argue with me. If so, they are immediately shot down with a quick jab at their lack of accepting guidance from someone who cares enough to make them aware of it. (This needs to be learned from mentors while in school. After that it’s all on them, because nobody is going to confront to teach this. People don’t care. They blow obnoxious off!)

    I remark that I’m probably not the first person they’ve treated poorly, been insensitive towards; and are devoid of respectful debate and reasoning skills; and the ability to create a win-win within the rules.

    If they want to keep burning bridges, so be it. The world is full of lonely, curmudgeonly, warped people who likely caused their own demise and isolation. What’s one more?

    Or they can take heed. But since that’s not likely unless they understand why; but that’s not likely because someone owes them; and since no one can fix that, they’re just going to hurt someone else for it and take what they want to make themselves feel better; which logically doesn’t work either…

    However, many are stunned that someone reasonably presented to them how negatively they are perceived, without trashing them. (you see, you can’t turn off your audience if you hope to make an impression- to just get in the doorway, because that’s all I can tolerate. It would be too much to take a chance to enter the mind and get sucked into the vortex of self-centered entitlement. I might get hit in the head and knocked out from all the excuses flying around like a tornado in there!)

    I learned from a long line of Irish diplomats how to present a reasonable and fair argument; and also a veiled insult, so it takes them about five minutes to realize it.

    By then, I’ve moved onto to discuss matters with someone who is worth communicating!

    Then that next person will be made aware of the previous idiot who needs to be addressed and retrained.

    At the very least they might think twice before acting like a baffoon to the next guy and think better that they’ll get away with that sort or treatment and mindset!

    If I could make a living off this, I’d be doing quite well!

    Jean Ann

  14. I can see why people not obeying the craigslist rules frustrates you.
    I don’t believe people being idiotic is the problem, though. Sometimes there is an actual answer to why people disregard the rules and there are following solutions to those problems.
    I’m not speaking about dogs necessarily, but other pets, especially the more exotic ones, have no other local market. People who do wish to breed may not have another medium to reach potential buyers. Some of these smaller breeders who breed as a hobby may be against shipping these pets or selling them to pet stores. This leaves these people with what? — The most popular local source is craigslist. I think all that needs to change is a better local forum for these people with some level of quality control. The local expos seem to be a great way for people to explore their hobby, and people can talk to others with similar interests. So why can’t their be a site to sell and trade only locally. It would stop these “idiots” from flooding the craigslist pets page for the most part.
    Just a thought.

    1. Yes, I understand that, but this is just another example of entitlement. They think that someone owes them a platform for selling their animals and they're wrong. Craigslist can make whatever rules they want for their own private business and nobody, whether there is another outlet or not, deserves to be able to break them. I'm sure there can be a local site for selling animals, Craigslist just isn't it and people need to realize that just because they want one, that doesn't obligate any business to provide it.

    2. Don't make excuses, it's just as bad a s the idiots posting in the "wanted" section because they cannot differentiate from that and the "auto for sale" section. It's a matter of lack of intelligence and add to that, lack of ability to read plain simple English

      1. Or not caring. I know of people who write ebooks for Amazon who do everything they can to scam the system, they put porn in young adult because they know that kids will read it, they are just sleazeballs who don't care about the system, they just want to make a buck before Amazon unceremoniously boots their asses and then they complain about it because, according to them, Amazon owes them a living. People are assholes.

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