The Shame of 9/11

You know, now that it’s the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks… I really just don’t care.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a horrible thing, but in all the things that have come since, it just shows that we didn’t take any of it seriously, we didn’t learn our lessons and we really don’t care that much.

They’ve been running commercials for about a week for some 9/11 specials.  The only part that stands out for me is one guy in a hard hat saying “I’m going to be here from the first bolt until the last bolt”, referring to the 9/11 monument and replacement buildings for the World Trade Center.  He’d better be in for the long, long haul because it’s not going to be done any time soon.  Guys, the whole point was to put something up quickly to show that terrorists couldn’t halt the American spirit.  Ten years later, they’ve hardly done anything, it’ll be many more years until whatever memorial they finally get up is done.  That’s shameful.  It’s pathetic.  It shows Americans just don’t give a damn.

I mean, our response to the whole attack was idiotic at best, it was taking a horrible act and twisting it to political ends.  It took us 10 years to finally take out Osama bin Laden, which ought to embarrass everyone.  That war on terrorism, how is that going again?  We decided to take out two regimes we already didn’t like, neither of which had anything demonstrably to do with the 9/11 attacks, and ignored plenty of nations that demonstrably raised and trained the 9/11 hijackers because they are our “friends”.  Oh, and they have nukes so they might actually pose a threat.  We only attack those who can’t possibly hurt us.  So far, 6,236 American troops have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, far more than the 2,996 that we lost in the attacks themselves.  What have we gotten out of it?  We deposed Saddam, who Bush only wanted out of the way because he threatened to kill his daddy.  We officially deposed the Taliban, who have largely re-asserted themselves into Afghanistan due to our incompetence by pulling out and running off to Iraq.  While Iraq may be a more democratic place today, I fail to see what it had to do with fighting terrorism.  Where were those WMDs again?  Afghanistan is still a disaster today and will be for many years to come, it will almost certainly fall back under Taliban rule and harbor an even stronger hatred for the United States than it ever did in the past.

But Saudi Arabia, where 15 of the hijackers originated, has gone entirely untouched by American “vengeance”.  The same goes for Egypt (1), the United Arab Emirates (2) and Lebanon (1), all of which spawned terrorists on their own.  Why?  Because these are largely politically untenable targets, they are our “allies” and they have oil supplies that we need, or are simply political hot potatoes.  Pakistan is a known terrorist training spot, but they could actually hurt us so we ignore them.  So we went after soft targets, where we could win in short order that looked good on TV, using weapons developed for the Cold War on third world nations. It was the ultimate bully kicking sand in the face of the 97 pound wimp scenario.

Ultimately, all we did was play into the hands of the Muslim extremists anyhow.  They didn’t attack us because they hate our freedom, they attacked us because we won’t leave them and their primitive way of life alone.  They sit on valuable oil reserves, we insisted on sticking our nose into their national concerns.  Of course, we never stop to consider how we’d feel if some other country tried to do the same to us, but hey, we’re the United States.  Might makes right and all that.  So while these nations can’t possibly hope to compete with us economically, they know they can’t attack us militarily, they attack us the only way they can, through terrorism.  And we get offended and don’t recognize our own fault in the situation.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not like the crazy liberals who blame the U.S. and not the other side.  There’s plenty of blame to go around here, most especially on that idiotic religion, Islam.  That had a lot to do with the impetus to attack on 9/11 in the first place and deserves the lion’s share of the blame, but we’re still not blameless in the situation and for the most part, Americans are too busy jumping up and down holding flags to realize how we helped bring about the attack.

Ultimately, I called this whole situation a decade ago.  I said that we’d never really accomplish anything, we’d turn the “war on terror” into a campaign against existing enemies and it would end up being nothing but a bunch of flag-waving pap.  That’s exactly what it’s become.  We didn’t end terrorism, or even put a serious dent into it.  We’ve wasted trillions of dollars and thousand of American lives, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani lives, on our worldwide tour of terror, but it’s American terror that we’re talking about, the threat that if we want something of yours and we can, in any way, shape or form, tie it to the new boogie-man of “terrorism”, we just might invade you to get what we want, or at the very least, use our political influence to screw you over.

Is it any wonder everyone hates us?

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