Tautology Anyone?

I’m sure they didn’t intend it this way, but come on, it’s so bloody obvious.  Granted, I can see why someone might want to know about Jesus and not be a complete idiot, just as one might want to know about other quasi-historical or mythological figures.  Researching mythic personages might be interesting, although honestly, it never appealed to me, but to treat Jesus as anything more than a complete idiot’s pipe dream is absurd.

Then you get this one, from the same people, with the same problem.

Granted, I never got the whole “idiot guide” thing.  I don’t care how ignorant of a topic I might be, I’m never going to refer to myself as a complete idiot.  The fact that I want to find out more about the subject matter proves that’s not true.  But hey, when you’re looking into religion, I guess if the shoe fits, buy a book about it.

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