Quickie: So Much For God

Was at work today, some guy comes up to me and asks if I’m the manager.  Yup, that’s me.  He launches into a spiel about how he’s a missionary and he’s found himself in some serious financial trouble, his wife stole his car, he’s living on the street and he needs money for a motel room for the night before his church flies him back to the east coast.  He’s been praying to God for salvation and he wants to know if I’ll help him get a motel room.

Hell no asshole.

Wow, did you pick the wrong person to try the religious ploy on.

First off, I don’t give money to anyone, ever.  I might, on rare occasion, offer to buy a hamburger for a bum (they almost always turn you down, they just want booze or drugs), but I will never, ever, under any circumstances, just hand over cash to some idiot off the street with their hand out.

Secondly, seriously, isn’t the fact that you have to beg for money proof that your idiot God doesn’t exist, or at the very least doesn’t give a damn about you?  Maybe if you idiots would stop praying and start working, you wouldn’t get into these jams.

I sent him packing.  I was nice about it, I didn’t laugh in his face, I didn’t tell him where to shove his religion, I said I don’t carry cash, which is certainly true, and that we don’t permit that kind of thing.  He just walked away, I’m sure to go try to hit up some other slob for money.  I really don’t care if he was in need, had he just been honest and had I some money in my pocket, I might have helped him out, but trying the “I’m a missionary” nonsense was a sure path to failure with me.  I don’t care if you’re a missionary.  In fact, you just lost any respect you could possibly have had with me.  Take your delusional beliefs somewhere else, buddy.  I’m no longer interested in your problems.

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