It’s a Bird Show! A Bird Show!

Got out yesterday afternoon and attended a local bird show.  I don’t know what I was expecting, to be perfectly honest, some of the shows I’ve attended lately have been terrible disappointments, some have pleasantly surprised me.  This was a mixture of both.

We went, mostly to see what was there, but secretly I really was hoping to come home with something new and feathery.  I’ve been looking at a couple of different species that seem to be made to order for my lifestyle, not too big, mostly not too small, not too needy, not too distant.  In other words, pretty mellow birds that enjoy human contact, but are not constantly grafted to your shoulder.

Some of the birds I’ve been looking at are Hahn’s or Illiger’s mini-macaws, bronze-wing pionus, Senegal parrots or Meyers parrots.  All are mid-sized birds, very well suited to the kind of home we have.  My wife has looked at the tiny parrotlets, they were available in abundance, but we chose not to go that route at the moment.

The problem, I suppose, is that when I went looking for those birds at the show, most simply were nowhere to be found.  There was a single bronze-wing pionus, I looked at it as I walked into the show, but when I came back later on, it was gone.  There were two Senegals, sold as a mated pair, but both had totally bald heads, either from molding or feather-picking.  I was really surprised to find an almost total absence of large birds altogether!  Of the large macaws, there were a grand total of two blue and golds in the whole show.  No scarlets.  No militarys.  No green-wings.  None.  Even among cockatoos, there was a single Goffins in a cage on one side and a couple of rose-breasted in a cage on the other.  No umbrellas.  No mollucans.  No sulphur-cresteds.  There were a couple of young african greys scattered here and there, mostly breeding pairs, but not a timneh gray in sight.  The show seemed to be almost totally large bird free.  Granted, I wasn’t looking for large birds, but those are some of the most popular birds around.

In the end, I didn’t get a bird.  I did get a couple of toys for Crow, they had someone selling some really nice shreddable toys at great prices, but I personally came home featherless.  My oldest daughter, on the other hand, did not.  After we had walked around for a while, we were going to leave and she started getting depressed.  She had decided she wanted a bird of her own.  She wasn’t sure what she wanted, she just knew she wanted something.  So we went looking.  Did she want something small like a parakeet?  Something a bit larger like lovebirds?  A cockatiel?  She settled on a cockatiel, which was fine because we had an empty cockatiel cage sitting at home anyhow.  She picked out a beautiful lutino male, just weaned, and brought it home.  He’s super mellow, he’s got a new cage full of toys, he’s mostly got “stepping up” mastered and we’re going to keep him on a couple feedings of formula a day, just to make sure he doesn’t lose any weight moving over to pellets.  She named him Tom Servo, to go with Crow T. Conure, which I think is cute.

Granted, I almost came home with a new kitten, one of the breeders had a cage of really cute 8-week kittens that her neighbor dumped on her and there was one that I kept waffling over.  I have enough cats, more than enough, but I’m a sucker for a cute face.  I passed it up the first time and by the time I came around again, someone else had already adopted it.  It’s really all that matters, having a good home, I’m glad that it got one.

Well, the next big local show is in November, maybe things will have changed by then.  Who knows, I might already have more birds by the time the show rolls around.  You never can tell.

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