American Medicine Sucks

Quick rant.  I just changed doctors with my insurance, so today I called to make an appointment to get a refill on my diabetic medications.  Simple, right?  They tell me the first available appointment to see the doctor I was assigned is *NOVEMBER*!  Lady, I’ll be dead by then.  Sorry, that’s the next available appointment they have, go back to the insurance company and have them assign you a doctor that’s not so busy!

Lady, if you’re taking appointments 6 months in advance, stop taking new patients!  I had to argue to get in to see anybody at all, just to get a refill.  And somehow, that November appointment that I was forced to make?  I don’t think I’ll be showing up for that one.


2 thoughts on “American Medicine Sucks”

  1. I totally agree with you on medicine sucking~ I was previously a lobbyist for an extensivley large group of physicians, over two hundred. Regardless, I know all the secrets of medicine and those secrets are dolla dolla bills! Thye no longer care about patients, its all about what insurance you ahve and who will pay the most, not how can they best help the patient. Everything is masked under patient care, its all a ruse for their end goal, money and lots of it.

  2. I finally got to a doctor today, took forever, even the doctor and nurse said the state of health care is absurd. The idea that someone who needs medication can't get in to see a doctor and thus, runs the risk of complications is idiotic. The unfortunate reality is, there are more people who want to see a doctor than there are doctors available. Nobody wants to be a doctor anymore, it's turned into a ridiculously litigious job, doctors spend a huge amount of money every year just on malpractice insurance. I have a friend who is a doctor and even though he's never had a problem, he still pays close to $100k a year in insurance premiums. You want to know who is screwing us, look at the insurance companies.

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