Douchebags Have Rights Too

There was a recent news story about a man in New Mexico who, upset that his girlfriend supposedly had an abortion, put up a billboard accusing her of having an abortion and denying him fatherhood.  He admits he has no idea whether she had an abortion or not, she could have had a miscarriage, but that didn’t stop him from putting up the sign.

Yes, it’s a complete and total asshole move.  The guy is a sleazebag.  Even ignoring the fact that he was 35 and she was 18, that apparently they had never sat down and discussed the possibility of pregnancy, or that they were off screwing up a storm without having any real legal or financial responsibility toward each other, the fact is that he put up a billboard with the express purpose of embarrassing her.  It was a dick move.

But she’s no better.  For all we know, she was never really pregnant in the first place, she could have been lying to trap him into marrying her.  Frankly, neither of these people deserve to be parents in the first place.  Assholes shouldn’t breed.

But it’s still entirely within his rights to do so.  Freedom of speech doesn’t just protect speech we all like, in fact, it’s much more important in protecting speech we all detest.  That’s the real test.  It protects the rights of scumbag groups like the neo-Nazis, Fred Phelps and the KKK to peddle their hate, just as much as it  does for the rest of us to talk about more reasonable positions.  That’s the way freedom works.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending his decision, I’m not defending his actions, I’m defending his freedom.  I will never say he’s not a scumbag, I will say that it’s just as disgusting to see people arguing that rights only belong to people who say and do things they personally agree with.

The guy might be a dick but he’s a dick with rights.  Welcome to America.

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