I Hate These Idiots!

Real quick, my wife and I were out shopping and we were driving by a local pet store that had some really tiny baby chinchillas.  I knew the store was already closed, it had been for more than an hour, but the chinchillas were in the window and I figured we could stop and take a look.  So we pull up, we’re looking through the window and this old guy shows up and starts banging on the door.  I look over at him and tell him they’re closed, they closed an hour ago and he looks back at me and says “I’m here now, they’d damn well better open the door and let me in now” and goes back to banging on the door.

What a fucking asshole!  And I told him that too, as we got back in the car.  Fuck you and your goddamn entitlement issues.  Of course they’re not going to open the door, they’re all gone home and you should have been there when they were open if you wanted service.  The idea that they have to cater to your whims is absurd.  You showed up late.  Accept responsibility and go the fuck home and deal with it again on Tuesday when they open again.

Stupid prick.

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